India is a synonym of diversity and possess the rich heritage. It traces its heritage and culture back to thousands of years. The perfect amalgam of religions, customs, languages and traditions is reflected in the thriving heritage of the nation. The country is a treasury of art, philosophy, architecture, classic dances, flora, fauna, music and much more. This magnificent country has witnessed countless prosperous episodes of history, culture, religion, and each of them has left its distinct imprint.

The heritage sites of one of the oldest civilizations makes it a must visit place for the avid travelers. The culture, encompassing of music, art, dance, festivals, customs, traditions, languages and cuisines, have become the best way to understand the incredible heritage of the country. To get close to this amazing heritage, people around the globe have shown their interest to tour these heritage sites that leave them with the images and the experiences embellishing throughout their life. One can witness this rich legacy of the past ages of India by exploring the magnificent forts, larger than life havelis and other such fabulous historical monuments and temples across the country.

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